Heal Your Issue At The Root

Online and In-person Hypnotherapy is the fastest way to heal your issue.

Let's Heal Your Issue At The Root

Online or In-person Hypnotherapy is the key into your subconscious, where you store your deeply rooted beliefs, habits, and trauma.
- You Deserve To Heal -


My name is Stephanie, a highly passionate and professional Hypnotherapist based in Bali, with over 4 years of experience, and over 10 years as a Holistic health practitioner, balancing mind and body. Working with hundreds of clients world wide.

Firstly, I’m so proud of you for being here. It’s not easy to start the process of Therapy. That’s why I am here for you, to make this process as natural, efficient and effective as possible. 

You have already made the first step to a healthier and happier life. You are your own healer and the key to healing is through your own Sub conscious mind. We all deserve to be happy, including you. So, whatever your challenge or issue maybe. You can move through it!

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Confronting & letting go, as hard as it may be at the time, is definitely worth the challenge. Not at any stage did I feel unsupported or unguided, Steph is with you every step of the way. I can't speak highly enough of this genuine, open hearted soul any more. You're a legend Stephy & I am eternally grateful for what you have done for me. Thank you.


Every single session I have had with you has uncovered deeper another part of me, has literally lifted old fears and burdens off my shoulders. With every session I am able to live my life more authentically and with more power and purpose.


I have infinite gratitude for you Steph not only as a practitioner but also as a person. I honor and appreciate every experience, decision, courses and steps you have taken upon this moment to be the person you are at this given moment - pure love, consciousness and bliss.


She guided me through many feelings and experiences that was causing my fears. The following month I traveled on several flights and was able to avoid alcohol and other means of calming my nerves by using techniques she taught me. I even fell asleep on a few of my flights since then. Before our session that was unheard of. I would struggle through every minute of the flight prior to our session. I can’t recommend Stephy enough. I am so thankful for her help and am excited I can now do things I always wanted to do without having to suffer. She is an amazing and loving person.


I found Steph on Instagram. There was some thing so strong telling me to see her. So I followed my intuition, when I met her I instantly felt held and supported. I really didn’t know what to expect during the session. I had been to heaps of therapists and healers trying to understand this deep sadness, depression and anxiety. But Steph helps you through this all. I am so thankful for this. This is the most transforming experience of my life. Thanks Steph, your a very special being.


I went to Steph as a last resort with little expectations. I had tried everything to help me get over my fear of having an intimate relationship with men. Every time I did have intimacy I would feel hurt, used and often end up crying and confused. But in this ONE powerful session I saw a part of my soul that gave me clarity and understanding. It was intense, and Steph guided me through, lovingly. She gave that part of me closure and somehow re wired the way I feel towards intimacy. Since that session, I can have loving intimate relationships with men and enjoying every second of it.


How to start your healing journey

Plant the seed

Talk to me

Message me directly for a free consultation. I will answer your questions so you can get to know me. It’s important to feel safe with your chosen Therapist. I practice love and kindness, with a non-judgemental approach.

Start to grow

Get Your Appointment

Once you are ready, we will find the best date and time for in-person or online session. We can book through Whatsapp or E-mail. I offer in person sessions at Maja Healing (Bali) and online video call sessions.


Start Healing

The Three-hour intense sessions will dive deep into your mind, body, and soul. Giving you release, clarity, and peace. Each session is a different experience. After the session, I will give you guidance and tools for self-healing.

“Steph guided me into the darkest parts of my being, only to bring me back to the light, back home to myself.”

Stephy, Austraila.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

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We will have face to face session using Skype.Hypnosis is a natural state of being that we go into between 10 to 100 times everyday. So, it is very easy for you to achieve this state of being. In this session I will use progressive relaxation, which is the most powerful and natural way to get you into hypnosis (your subconscious mind). You are fully in control of yourself at all times, you can open your eyes whenever you like. 

Myself and my clients have found that online (skype) sessions are as effective as in person sessions. The key to a successful session, is to simply relax. 

The session will be between 3-4 hours. (Give or take.)

Please write your intention for the session. What you would like to understand and release. Example: Cycles, patterns, behaviours, feelings etc.

Please make sure you have headphones, charged laptop\phone, download skype with great wifi! A comfy sofa/bed or chair with a blanket. Make sure you are alone in a quiet and safe place, so you can talk freely.

Please do not drink alcohol heavily the night before. Please avoid coffee 2 hours before your session. If you are on anti depressants please take them after the session.

“For 10 years I avoided flying, the fear was controlling my life. One session with Steph and I now fly around the world, sleeping like a baby. I am forever grateful for you, Steph.”


Lucas, California.

Adressed Topics

Depression and Anxiety is different for everyone.  This can be caused from unresolved traumatic experiences leading to panic attacks, Constant worry and sadness, OCD behavior. With depression you may feel hopeless, fatigued, lazy or heavy. This can lead to self harm and suicidal thoughts or actions. 

Eating Disorders can be complex and go un noticed for many years. This can range from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, food control, or body dysmorphia. Holding a distorted or hateful feeling towards your body.

This is a type of feeling that you hold towards yourself, such as “I am not good enough” or “i cant do it”. These feelings would have been implanted at some point in childhood. These also include Pushing people away,Low self esteem or confidence constantly attracting wrong types of friends and relationships, Victimization mentality, being overly critical, judgmental, jealous, possessive, aggressive and many more.
A phobia is an irrational or extreme fear of an object, situation, or setting. Whether anticipated or encountered in person, phobias trigger an emotional response of anxiety, panic, and excessive fear. Due to these unpleasant responses, a person will do everything in their power to avoid their phobia. Hypnotherapy can help overcome or reduce all fears and phobias. Flying, aging, ocean or water, public speaking, intimacy, commitment, being alone, animals or insects, failure of success, taking risks any many more.

Trauma is different for every individual, for one person an event could be extremely traumatic and for another it may not be as damaging. It is in any event in which you can not cope. Traumatic Childhood or adulthood event, problematic  relationship with mother or father or other family member. Neglect, physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Death of a loved one or Heartbreak.

Addictions are often unhealthy coping mechanisms to help us burry and mask our pain, which then can lead to an automated habit Such as Smoking, drinking, gambling, sex, porn, nail biting, pulling out hair, video games, over working, shopping, over-spending, cheating or affairs.

when we leave an emotional issue left unhealed, this manifests into our physical body. Most of the time this happens subconsciously without us noticing. IBS, headaches, fatigue, muscles ache, feeling sick, bloating, allergies, Period pain, SPMS, and much more,


Stress means different things to different people. What causes stress in one person may be of little concern to another. Some people are better able to handle stress than others. And, not all stress is bad. In small doses, stress can help you accomplish tasks and prevent you from getting hurt. For example, becoming easily agitated, frustrated, and moody. Feeling overwhelmed, like you are losing control or need to take control. Having difficulty relaxing and quieting your mind. Feeling bad about yourself and avoiding others.

Relax and Become Calm

Free Guided Hypnosis Recording

Experience the first level of Hypnosis, a deep meditative state with my free guided hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy Services

“I did not think it was possible to feel this good after 12 years of depression. Steph knows exactly how to guide you into the root cause. I am now medication free!”


Anna, USA.

Hypnotherapy with steph

About Stephanie Sargent

I grew up traveling and living in different countries across Europe. I was from a loving yet, dysfunctional, angry, military family. As I grew up, I could never understand why I had developed an eating disorder, shameful patterns, and depression. I used alcohol as my coping strategy and to numb my feelings. I always had a deep longing to travel as far away as possible. At 19 years old, I qualified as a massage therapist and I began to travel. I became curious in healing, I started to see how my mind was causing 99 percent of my problems. I studied Hatha Yoga at 21, and I became fascinated with meditation and the ancient scriptures, but it was not enough to heal deeply rooted childhood pain.

I made a promise to myself when I heal this I will show others how to heal too.

I found Hypnotherapy at 23. It gave me answers that I had been seeking. A massive weight had been lifted, but my journey had only just begun. I studied In India with The Hypnotherapy school of India. I went through intense therapy myself, to understand my Subconscious mind. From that moment on, I naturally started sessions and with no expectations and became a full-time Hypnotherapist in Bali and online. This is my passion, it is what I am meant to do. My gift to the world was to experience how childhood can mould us, how trauma can destroy or expand us.


Whatever is discussed between us, is confidential. My only interest is to listen and guide you to feeling more empowered. 



Opening up to some one is hard. like many of us, opening up to the wrong person causes more pain. You will be seen and heard. Your storey is important.

Non- Judgement

I have worked with hundreds of clients with many different issues. It really does not matter what has happend, nothing shocks or surprises me. You are safe to express!


The world needs you to be you. Exactly the way that you are, you can live a life of freedom and authenticity. Come exactly as you are and we work on this together!

Reach Out

“Hypnotherapy gave me answers to what I had always questioned. The 6 week program changed my life, I can not recommend Steph enough!”

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In-Person sessions
at Maja Healing

You will instantly feel at home as soon as you step into Maja Healing, a sanctuary designed for healing. The session is broken down into 3 sections. 

Firstly, We speak about what you would like to work through, gather holistic information and begin to understand your issue from a safe and protected space. 

The Hypnosis is the next part, where you will be in complete control of yourself at all times. We will go to the root cause of your issue, release and begin to rewire your subconscious mind and belief system. It is normal to feel a surge of emotions and physical sensations during Hypnosis. It can be very intense or can feel uncomfortable, this is part of the process. By the end, you will feel much lighter with a deeper sense of clarity. 

Once the session is completed we will go over your experience. I will give you helpful tools to integrate what we discover from your therapy to continue your healing journey. You can leave the session feeling very light and understanding and also quite tired. Most people forget about the session and start living their lives with more joy within a matter of weeks.

You are ready to heal.